Does Shapewear Cause Health Problems?

Posted On: 04-27-2015
Does Shapewear Cause Health Problems?

Compression undergarments that shape and smooth are quite popular, but are there health effects that indicate a down side? In some cases, these figure enhancing pieces do compress nerves enough to create tingling, pain or numbness, and men wearing shaping briefs can end up with lower sperm production.

However, many of the health risks are the result of the shape wear being too tight and being worn too long. Abdominal pain and acid reflux are common symptoms of wearing an ill-fitting garment, so it’s essential to choose the right size to smooth contours while still maintaining the ability to breathe deeply. Much like the stereotype of the fainting Victorian lady, shapewear can cause the same dizziness through rib and lung compression.

Too much unyielding pressure on the abdomen can aggravate digestive problems, and even those of sounder constitution may experience indigestion or bloating. Wearers with mild incontinence may find the problem worse from the extra force placed on internal organs. Over time, heavy reliance on shapewear can create a weak core, so care must be taken to reengage strength and tone through routine exercise.

Another concern is that wearers find it so difficult to get in and out of these tight garments that they often postpone trips to the bathroom. This can increase chances of a bladder infection, and substantial use of this type of underwear can contribute to yeast overgrowth as well.

Considered to be safe for most women when worn occasionally, compression shorts may contribute to the development of varicose veins or even blood clots. Those with diabetes, vascular trouble or other health challenges should check with their doctor before utilizing these kinds of garments.

While most people can safely utilize shapewear to look their best on special occasions, long hours or daily wear may cause problems. Moderate use in tandem with a proper fit can greatly reduce the occurrence of most side effects.

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