Helpful Tips for Fitting in More Steps

Posted On: 04-28-2017
Helpful Tips for Fitting in More Steps
Although weight loss is primarily related to the food that you consume, you can also do a lot for your waistline and your health by moving more. Sitting all day is dangerous for your health, but you don’t need to change jobs to get more steps in. In fact, small changes to your daily activity can add up to a few thousand steps per day.

Walk Over Drive

If you live within walking distance of a grocery store, or any other store that you frequent, consider walking instead of driving. You will spend more time on the errand, but it’s a quick way to tack on a lot of extra steps for the day. And if you do drive somewhere, skip the bank or coffee shop drive thru and go inside.

Take the Long Way

Skip looking for the closest parking space. Instead, park far away and use the opportunity to get more steps while you walk to your destination. If possible, take stairs instead of elevators. If you’re getting up to grab something at home, make two trips up and down the stairs instead of just one.

Find Ways to Add “Extras”

If you’re walking to get your mail or going to the store, don’t just stop there. Consider going around the block once before getting your mail and going back inside, or walk around the outside perimeter of the grocery store before you even start your shopping. If you’re watching TV, try walking in place instead of sitting down. If you have a lunch break, designate five or ten minutes for just walking before you eat. These little moments where you could add steps really add up!

Make it Enjoyable

Finding a nice place to walk can make it much easier to cross exercise off your list. Find a peaceful walking trail, or even a track at a nearby high school that sits unused for a portion of the day. Listen to your favorite music or explore podcasts or books on tape while you walk. Another way to really enjoy your walks is to bring a loved one along. If it’s a rainy day, find an enjoyable walking video to do your walking inside.

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