Staying Healthy During Winter Months

Posted On: 12-09-2016
Staying Healthy During Winter Months
In the winter, you are more likely to get sick with a common cold, sinus infection, or influenza. However, there are important ways to protect your health in the winter to avoid having a serious illness that keeps you home for several days. Whether you live in a cold climate or plan on visiting one this year, keep these tips in mind.

1: Use an Air Purifier Inside Your Home

You can keep your home’s air cleaner by using an air purification system. There are large air purifiers that are installed on a building’s climate-control equipment that will clean the air as it enters the furnace. When you can’t install an air purifier, use small portable devices that you set on a tabletop. It is essential to use one of these devices inside your home, but if you also have one at your workplace, then you are less likely to get sick in the winter.

2: Keep Surfaces Clean to Prevent an Illness

To avoid contamination from viruses or bacteria, keep the surfaces at your workplace and home cleaner. Fill a spray bottle with water before adding three drops of chlorine bleach. This easy to make disinfectant will eliminate the pathogens that are on desks, doorknobs, and light switches. To avoid contracting an infectious illness, make sure to clean all of the surfaces in your office or home at least once a week.

3: Get an Influenza Vaccination Each Year

If you want to avoid having influenza, then get an influenza vaccination in the early autumn. It takes several weeks for the vaccination to protect you from influenza, and during this time, you must use additional precautions to remain healthy. An influenza vaccination can also help to prevent complications such as bronchitis or pneumonia.

4: Get Enough Sleep Each Night

There are numerous holiday events during the winter, but you must still get enough sleep. When you don’t get at least eight hours of sleep each night, your immunity levels decrease, and you are more likely to get an illness such as a sinus infection.

5: Wash Your Hands Several Times Each Day

By washing your hands several times each day, you are more likely to remain healthy in the winter. Wash your hands after using the restroom and before consuming food to avoid ingesting pathogens. In addition, make sure to wash your hands after blowing your nose or touching items such as drawer handles.

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