Staying Healthy on the Road

Posted On: 06-16-2017
Staying Healthy on the Road
If you’re planning a vacation this summer, you don’t have to deviate from your health goals while you’re on the road. Instead, you can take steps to stay on track while enjoying yourself, so that you come home with only memories—and no guilt.

Indulge a Little

Following strict dietary rules on vacation can put a damper on your vacation. Allow yourself to order something you normally would not (like a dessert with dinner, for example) but limit yourself to small portions. Chances are, you won’t regret not finishing the dish as long as you allow yourself to try it. Keep alcohol and sweet items to a minimum, but don’t deprive yourself completely.

Stick to What’s Good

Avoid French fries from fast food joints that you could technically order at any time, or average bread in the middle of the table at a restaurant. If you’re going to eat something you normally would avoid, make sure it’s something truly delicious and special.

Pack Snacks

Keep a protein bar, bag of nuts, or banana handy in your bag. If you need a quick snack, having a healthy option readily available will save you money and calories.

Make Your Own Food

If you’re staying somewhere with a kitchen, stock up on healthy local ingredients and make a few meals yourself rather than going out. In addition to being healthier, you can also experience some great local flavors.

Work in Exercise

There’s usually a lot of options to make sure you get in exercise while traveling. Hotels often have gyms with machines. If the weather is great, try a walk around town or some water sports, depending on your destination. Whatever you do, try to stay active.


Your body needs to rest, especially if you have traveled to a different time zone. Let yourself get plenty of sleep so that you don’t burn out.

Drink Plenty of Water

In addition to helping to fill you up, drinking water throughout the day also keeps you hydrated and feeling energetic. Chances are, you trip will be noticeably more enjoyable if you’re drinking plenty of water.

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