The Benefits of Running & How to Get Started

Posted On: 10-21-2016
The Benefits of Running & How to Get Started
One of the best things that you can do for your overall health is to exercise. Physicians and health care professionals know that a routine program of physical fitness improves the body’s ability to combat disease. Part of your exercise program should include walking, jogging, or running. All three can be part of your program or use one depending on your fitness level with your physician’s approval.

Documented research proves that running can help prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, obesity, cancer, and other diseases. It also helps improve your mental and emotional stability. Running improves cardiovascular health through long-term conditioning. The health benefits of people who stay active through some form of running routine will allow them to continue to exercise into their golden years.

Benefits of Running

This form of exercise is a proven fat burner. With a good diet, running can help you lose those extra pounds quickly. You burn those calories through the physical exertion your body uses for the energy needed to run. After a long run, your body continues to use up calories through after burn or EPOC (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption). Those who invest the effort in a running regimen may quickly realize how it helps them lose weight.

Running also helps strengthen your joints, knees, hips, ankles, and muscles. Running can postpone age-related bone loss because it increases bone density and strength. People who include a running program as part of their exercise routine may have less chances of developing arthritis and osteoporosis. A stronger body with a clear mind is two of the greatest health benefits anyone can achieve through a running program.

How to Start a Running Regimen

Invest in a pair of good quality running shoes that can provide support and shock absorption. Proper clothing should be worn to allow your body to release sweat and toxins stored inside. Begin slowly by only running a few times per week. You can begin with walking or jogging to running for short time limits until your body adjusts to this great form of exercise.

Over a short period of time, you will be amazed at how much farther you can run with less effort. Check with your physician to be sure you’re approved before beginning a running program.

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