Counterfeit Drugs: A Growing Problem

Posted On: 09-02-2015
Counterfeit Drugs: A Growing Problem

According to a new report by CNN, more and more customers are unfortunately taking advantage of buying unauthorized medications online.

These sales listings boast deals that are hard to turn down, such as free shipping on many medications without the need for a prescription—including those for erectile dysfunction, cholesterol, infections, and more. Many websites offer steep discounts on prescription medications and claim that they can pass on these savings by avoiding many of the regulations and “red tape” that affects brick and mortar businesses.

Unfortunately, taking advantage of deals and sales like this can be detrimental for your health. An estimate from the World Health Organization warns that as many as half of all illegal online pharmacies go as far as selling counterfeit medications. This means that not only are you possibly not getting the medication that you need, but you could also be endangering your health by taking something different unknowingly.

In addition to selling counterfeit medications, many online pharmacies were found to be not compliant with safety and practice standards put forth by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy located in the United States.

These counterfeit medications were found to contain things like rat poison, dust, inkjet material, and paint. These dangerous and questionable ingredients are chosen due to the fact that they act as a cheap binding ingredient and allow illegal pharmacy companies to line their pockets. And that’s exactly what they are doing—the World Health Organization estimates the counterfeit prescription industry to be doing $431 billion in business each year.

With the assistance of new agencies designed to put a stop to these practices, the illegal pharmacy industry can hopefully diminish in future years. In the meantime, it’s best to be vigilant about your own medications. Don’t take chances just to save a few dollars. Instead, take your prescription from your doctor to a reputable pharmacy for filling. Don’t assume that you can trust a cheap, online pharmacy based on the claims that they make on their website. In fact, many illegal pharmacies claim to be operating in Canada to ease suspicion.

Don’t be one of the one million patients who die each year as a result of taking counterfeit drugs. Instead, do your research and turn to medical professionals who you can trust with your care.

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