Study Looks at Extracurriculars & Family Lives

Posted On: 05-11-2018
Study Looks at Extracurriculars & Family Lives
There’s no shortage of after school activity options for kids, including sports, music lessons, band practices, and clubs. While these extracurricular options are a positive way to help kids learn new skills and develop hobbies, it can also cause children—and their families—to be overworked.

A new study published in the journal Sport, Education, and Society looks at these effects on children and families. The study was performed by researchers at the University of Chester and Edge Hill University. The researchers interviewed 50 families who had children enrolled in 12 different primary schools located in Northwest England.

As for the results, many families reported feeling that their money and energy resources were being depleted due to the extracurricular activities of their children. In total, 88% of the children in the studied families participated in after-school activities four or five days per week. Additionally, 58% of children participated in more than one activity in the same night.

Dr. Sharon Wheeler, the lead author of the study, indicates that it’s understandable that parents would want to expose their children to organized activities. However, the strain that a busy schedule puts on families’ relationships and the resources of the parents could harm a child’s well-being.

Dr. Wheeler also indicated that parents who are concerned can look for ways to build a less strenuous schedule for their families.

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