Surgical Procedures

Face Lift

During a face lift, the skin is cut and then stitched back together after the removal of excess fat .... read more

Face Transplant

During a face transplant, an individual’s facial skin, lips, nose, cheeks, brow and chin are repla.... read more

Facet Rhizotomy

During facet rhizotomy, the facet joint nerves are deadened using focused heat from an electrode tha.... read more

Facial Botox® Injection

During a facial Botox® injection, a soluble form of botulinum toxin A is injected into the skin. Th.... read more

Facial Reanimation Surgery

During facial reanimation surgery, damaged nerve fibers are repaired or nerves and muscles are trans.... read more

Fat Grafting

During fat grafting, fat tissue is transferred from one area of the patient’s body to another. It .... read more

Female to Male Sex Reassignment

During female to male sex reassignment, the clitoris is removed and the genitalia are reshaped to re.... read more

Femoral Artery Cannulation

A minor procedure, femoral artery cannulation involves the placement of an angiocatheter into the gr.... read more

Femoral Osteotomy

During femoral osteotomy, part of the femur is cut out in order to reposition its contact in the hip.... read more

Femoropopliteal Bypass

During femoropopliteal bypass, blood is rerouted from the femoral artery to the popliteal arteries l.... read more

Femorotibial Bypass

During femorotibial bypass, blood is rerouted from the femoral artery to the tibial artery. Either a.... read more

Femur Rodding

Femur rodding involves threading a metal rod within the femur shaft in order to strengthen bone, cor.... read more

Fetal Image-Guided Surgery

During fetal image-guided surgery, ultrasound is used to guide instruments through the uterus in ord.... read more


A minimally invasive procedure, Fetendo is the correction or repair of a disease or defect in an unb.... read more

Fetendo for Laser Ablation of Blood Vess...

A minimally invasive procedure, Fetendo for laser ablation of blood vessels involves destroying an a.... read more

Fibula Rodding

Fibula rodding involves threading a metal rod within the fibula shaft in order to strengthen bone, c.... read more

Finger Fusion

During finger fusion, the bones located in the finger joint are joined with screws. Also Known As.... read more

Finger Joint Replacement

Finger joint replacement removes damaged cartilage and bone in the finger and replaces it with parts.... read more

Finger Synovectomy

During finger synovectomy, inflamed membrane that lines the joint is removed. Also Known As: Fi.... read more

Fingertip Repair

During fingertip repair, the fingernail and the fat pad that is positioned underneath it are reconst.... read more


A fistulotomy is the repair of an anal fistula, an abnormal connection between the inside of the anu.... read more

Fleur-De-Lis Abdominoplasty

During fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty, excess skin is removed from the abdominal area and the abdominal.... read more

Flexor or Extensor Tendolysis

During flexor or extensor tendolysis, fibrous adhesions between tendons are cut away, along with the.... read more

Flexor Tendon Repair

During flexor tendon repair, torn flexor tendons are corrected. These tendons are located in the han.... read more

Fontan Operation

During the Fontan operation, oxygen-poor blood is redirected from the lower half of the body to the .... read more

Foot Amputation

During foot amputation, the foot or toes are surgically removed due to injury or disease. Also Kn.... read more

Foot Fusion

Foot fusion involves the permanent joining of the three major bones in the foot: talo-navicular, sub.... read more

Foot Joint Replacement

Foot joint replacement removes damaged cartilage and bone in the foot and replaces it with parts mad.... read more

Foot Replantation

A microsurgery, foot replantation involves the reattachment of an amputated foot. The procedure invo.... read more

Foot Surgery for Epidermolysis Bullosa

During foot surgery for epidermolysis bullosa, excessive scar tissue from repeated lesions is cut fr.... read more

Foreskin Replacement

During foreskin replacement, the glans of the penis that was removed during circumcision is recreate.... read more

Frame-Based Stereotactic Craniotomy

A minimally invasive brain surgery, frame-based stereotactic craniotomy involves the use of computed.... read more

Frameless Stereotactic Craniotomy

A minimally invasive brain surgery, frameless stereotactic craniotomy involves the use of computed t.... read more

Frey Procedure

During the Frey procedure, the head of the pancreas is cut and a longer passage from the pancreas le.... read more

Frontotemporal Craniotomy

Frontotemporal craniotomy involves an incision made through the front of the skull and above the eye.... read more

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

During functional endoscopic sinus surgery, an endoscope is inserted into the nose and diseased tiss.... read more

Functional Neck Dissection

Functional neck dissection is performed to eliminate metastatic cancer of the lymph nodes. During th.... read more

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