5 Myths About Back Pain

Posted On: 03-03-2017
5 Myths About Back Pain
Back pain can affect anyone at any age. In fact, eight out of 10 people will experience back pain at some point in their life. Myths about back pain come from many sources and are hard to combat. The following is the top five myths that must be debunked to have a true understanding of back pain.

Myth #1: My bad back pain can result in paralysis.

Spine tumors, spinal infections, or unstable spine fractures are the some of the reasons back pain results in paralysis. These conditions are not common occurrences. This rarity means most back pain does not usually indicate an injury or situation that could lead to paralysis.

Myth #2: I have back pain, so I should stay in bed and rest.

If an injury caused the back pain, it is wise to avoid certain activities for a few days to ease the pain. However, an extended period of avoidance can cause other issues. The truth is there is evidence to suggest that keeping active helps with a faster recovery. A lack of exercising the muscles can cause poor recovery, higher levels of pain, or greater disability.

Myth #3: My pain is caused by an injury.

Many things can cause back pain. An example is disc degeneration, which not produced by an injury. Some other examples are diseases, infections, and inherited conditions. Only a doctor can accurately determine the cause of your back pain.

Myth #4: I lift heavy things, and it caused my back pain.

Lifting is not likely to be a problem that leads to back pain, as long as you are lifting correctly. The first step is to get in front of the object. Next, squat down close to the object. The back should be straight, and the head should be up. When a patient stands with the object, they should lift with his or her legs and not the back.

Myth #5: I need a scan or x-ray for my back pain.

An x-ray is not always necessary for those suffering from back pain. It is better to reserve using these tests for more serious issues. Oftentimes, your doctor will only need to talk with you about your symptoms or medical history.

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