New Study Shows That Brains Look Younger For Some Elderly Patients

Posted On: 09-16-2016
New Study Shows That Brains Look Younger For Some Elderly Patients
A recent study published The Journal of Neuroscience shows that cognitive issues, such as memory loss, are not necessarily an unavoidable part of aging. The brains of what are being called “super-agers” are similar to brains of those much younger.

The study was performed by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and was supported by the U.S. National Institute on Aging. The goal of the study was to investigate how some older individuals avoid memory loss and other age-related cognitive issues. It involved the review of 17 “super-agers” between the ages of 60 and 80 years. The study also included 41 younger adults, aged 18 to 35 years, and 23 older individuals who were not identified as “super-agers.”

The study revealed that the “super-agers” scored as well on memory tests as the much younger adults. Imaging studies also showed that the brains of the “super-agers” had a more youthful appearance—the cortex that usually shrinks with age was similar in size to the cortexes of the younger adults.

Although the reasons behind this difference among older individuals is not understood, the researchers who conducted this study are hoping that the findings could lead to new developments in prevention of memory loss and dementia.

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