Lung Transplant

Posted On: 04-22-2015
Lung Transplant

What is a Lung Transplant?

A lung transplant involves the removal of a diseased lung and its replacement with a healthy lung. The healthy lung can be received from a deceased donor. In some cases, two individuals can donate a lobe in order to make a single lung for the patient.

Also Known As:

  • Lung surgery
  • Transplant surgery

Conditions Treated with a Lung Transplant:

A lung transplant may be utilized to treat conditions such as pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, emphysema and pulmonary hypertension.

Lung Transplant by OrangeCountySurgeons

Non-Surgical or Other Surgical Alternatives to a Lung Transplant:

Non-surgical alternatives to a lung transplant include supplemental oxygen, respiratory therapy and steroids. In some cases, taking bronchodilators or making lifestyle changes can also help. Surgical alternatives to a lung transplant include pneumonectomy and lung volume reduction surgery.

Anesthesia with a Lung Transplant:

A lung transplant is performed under general anesthesia, which means that the patient is asleep and completely unaware during the procedure.

Potential Complications from a Lung Transplant:

Possible risks following a lung transplant include bleeding, blood clotting, scarring, infection and a negative reaction to the anesthesia. It is also possible for patients to experience obliterative bronchiolitis, experience collapse of the lung(s), and for the body to reject the transplant or for the transplant to fail.

Prognosis after a Lung Transplant:

The prognosis for a positive end result following a lung transplant is good. The average rate of survival is 80 percent in the first year and 60 percent after four years. However, patients need to take lifelong medication in order to prevent rejection of the transplant.

Recovery from a Lung Transplant:

Recovery following a lung transplant takes four to six months.


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