Do Your Joints Ache When it Rains?

Posted On: 12-15-2017
Do Your Joints Ache When it Rains?
It’s a popular notion that joint pain tends to intensify during rainy weather. However, researchers at Harvard Medical School took a closer look at the relationship between joint pain and rain.

Joint Pain & Rain Trends

The study looked at more than 1.5 million older Americans, and as it turns out—patients were no more likely to visit the doctor with back pain or joint pain during rainy weeks than they were during sunny weather. The lack of relationship between the two did not exist in patients with arthritis, either.

These findings actually cast doubt on the idea that achy joints can predict when rainy weather is in the near future. This idea actually stretches back to ancient times. Rainfall itself, in addition to changes in barometric pressure and the humidity are often blamed for the increase in pain.


However, it is important to note that these findings do not disprove a relationship between joint pain and rainy weather. It is still possible that such a relationship exists. Especially because this recent study looked only at visits that Americans made to the doctor during periods of heavy rain. Many patients may exercise self-care when they experience extra aches and pains. And other types of extreme weather, such as hot or cold days, could have an effect on joint pain—not just rain.


If you believe that the weather affects your joint pain, what can you do to find relief? You can’t control the weather, but you can keep up with things that act to help control joint pain consistently, such as regular exercise. Your orthopedic doctor can help you to determine more steps for self-care that you can utilize on days when your pain is worsened.

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