5 Common Types of Shoulder Surgery

Posted On: 10-19-2018
5 Common Types of Shoulder Surgery
There are multiple shoulder injuries and conditions a person might experience. There are multiple treatment options. In some cases, surgery is the most viable choice. It is important for patients to know the basics regarding the procedure their doctor recommended. This ensures that they are making an informed choice regarding their treatment.

Arthroscopic Procedures

Many surgeries can be done via arthroscopy. Some of the most common that are performed for shoulders include:
  • Impingement syndrome arthroscopy: This procedure, referred to as subacromial decompression, works to increase the space between the acromion of the shoulder and the rotator cuff.
  • Arthroscopic SLAP repair: This procedure works to repair an injury to the labrum of the shoulder. It is done to help reposition the labrum.
  • Shoulder dislocation arthroscopy: This procedure may help to tighten the joint capsule to help reduce the risk of future dislocations.
  • Frozen shoulder arthroscopy: While surgery is rarely needed for frozen shoulder, when it is, this procedure might be beneficial. Loosening any tissue that is contracted is the goal of this procedure.
Rotator Cuff Repair

When there is an injury to the rotator cuff, surgery might be necessary to repair it. There are numerous techniques surgeons might consider. No matter which technique is used, the goal is to find the damaged area and repair it. This typically involves cleaning and reattaching any tendons that are damaged or torn. The surgeon will evaluate the patient to determine which technique is most appropriate to restore the function of the patient’s rotator cuff.

Acromioclavicular Joint Repairs

The AC joint is located where the acromion and clavicle meet. Arthritis can eventually wear out this joint. There are also repetitive use injuries that can damage it. It is also possible for instability of this joint to occur putting patient’s at risk for shoulder separation. The goal of surgery is to reconstruct or repair the ligaments that work to provide support to the end of the clavicle.

Shoulder Replacement

There are times when damage to the shoulder joint is so severe that it cannot be repaired. In these instances, completely replacing this joint might be the best choice. In most cases, this surgery involves using an artificial ball and socket to replace the natural ones. The socket is typically plastic, and the ball is usually metal.

Bicep Tendon Surgery

The bicep is the muscle that is located at the front of the upper arm. There is a tendon that connects this muscle to the shoulder. This is a complex area of anatomy, making it prone to problems. This surgery may be performed alone or along with a rotator cuff repair procedure. There are different techniques that surgeons might use depending on the extent of the damage.

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