What Effect Do Bifocals Have on Children?

Posted On: 08-05-2016
What Effect Do Bifocals Have on Children?
Bifocals, which contain two different prescriptions in one frame, are designed to provide the best possible prescription for both near and far distances. Although bifocals are more commonly used for middle aged and elderly individuals, it is not unusual for a child to need them. It is important to understand how bifocals can benefit your child, and how you can avoid any negative effects of using them.


The use of bifocals can also help your child’s eyes aim correctly and avoid the experience of cross-eyed vision. Your child might benefit from bifocals if she has trouble focusing on images up close or shifting her focus from one object to the next. Bifocals can give your child the lenses she needs to read and do schoolwork without changing her distance vision.

Health and Comfort

The trouble caused by switching focus from one object to another can cause your child to experience headaches, eye strain, neck pain and frustration. The discomfort might discourage him from spending quality time on schoolwork or reading for pleasure. In addition to improving his vision, the use of bifocals can also make your child more comfortable when completing regular daily tasks.


There might be some hesitation involved when it comes to getting your child bifocals, especially if you are concerned that she will be bullied for wearing them. However, there are bifocals that offer a gradual shift between the upper and lower lenses, leaving no visible line. This may make your child more comfortable wearing bifocals if her peers cannot tell the difference between the bifocals and regular glasses.


Make sure your child wears his bifocals whenever he is prescribed to, whether it is for up-close work only or during the entire day. If not, he won’t get the full range of benefits that the bifocals can have for his vision and comfort. Keep in mind that your child might need bifocals for only a few years while his ability to focus develops, so be sure to take him to all of his scheduled checkups for progress.

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