Cornea Transplant

Posted On: 04-22-2015
Cornea Transplant

What is a Cornea Transplant?

During a cornea transplant, an area of the cornea (the clear part of the eye in front of the iris and pupil) is replaced with a piece of donor cornea that is the same size.

Also Known As:

  • Corneal grafting
  • Penetrating keratoplasty
  • Corneal surgery
  • Transplant surgery
  • Eye surgery

Conditions Treated with a Cornea Transplant:

A cornea transplant is utilized when the cornea is diseased or damaged. The procedure might be used for conditions that result in deterioration of the eye, like bullous keratopathy, Fuch’s dystrophy, herpetic eye disease and keratoconus. It can also be utilized for scarring after infections, trauma or perforation of the cornea, or complications from LASIK surgery.

Cornea Transplant by OrangeCountySurgeons

Non-Surgical or Other Surgical Alternatives to a Cornea Transplant:

There are no comparable non-surgical or surgical alternatives to a cornea transplant.

Anesthesia with a Cornea Transplant:

A cornea transplant is usually performed under local anesthesia. Sometimes, general anesthesia may be used, during which the patient is asleep and completely unaware.

Potential Complications from a Cornea Transplant:

A possible risk of a cornea transplant is a negative reaction to the anesthesia that is used. It is also possible for the new, transplanted cornea to be rejected. Signs of a rejection include redness, decreased vision, pain and sensitivity to light.

Prognosis after a Cornea Transplant:

The prognosis for a positive end result following a cornea transplant is good. In fact, a cornea transplant is one of the most commonly performed transplants. Using prescribed eye drops will help to prevent a rejection.

Recovery from a Cornea Transplant:

Patients can resume normal activities in just a few days, but vision remains blurry for three to six months following the procedure.


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