Maybe Bread Isn’t So Bad

Posted On: 03-23-2018
Maybe Bread Isn’t So Bad
Researchers from consulting firm Nutritional Strategies explored the diet of Americans in order to identify important nutrients that are not being consumed enough—also known as shortfall nutrients. Shortfall nutrients can contribute to national health problems. The study was published in the journal Nutrients.

Data from more than 10,000 dietary surveys were analyzed. The survey data was collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from adults over 19 years of age and showed what the adults ate in a 24-hour period. The rate of grain consumption was recorded and then categorized by type, like cereals, breads, and rolls.

The results showed that grains made up of less than 15 percent of all calories in American’s diets. This could be a problem, because grains are a provider of what are considered shortfall nutrients in America: folate, iron, and dietary fiber. Additionally, grains contribute more than ten percent of vitamin A, magnesium, and calcium.

While it is important to incorporate whole grains into your diet, this study is showing that refined, fortified, and enriched grains can also contribute necessary nutrients.

However, it is important to note that a balanced diet with variety is important—one with lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Although more research into carbohydrates and the best sources of nutrients is needed, this study suggests to some researchers that grains may not be as bad as we are often led to believe. Talk to your doctor if you are unsure about the best sources of the nutrients that your body needs.

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