Taking Steps Following Hair Loss

Posted On: 05-27-2016
Taking Steps Following Hair Loss

Hair loss, also called alopecia, is typically a sign of aging (even though it can begin in early adulthood). It is usually the result of the overproduction of the hormone dihydrotesterone. Genetics, poor nutrition, scalp infections, certain medications, and diseases such as lupus and diabetes can cause hair loss as well.

Hair loss usually first occurs at the hairline, which can be embarrassing for many patients. Although there is no cure or natural remedy for hair loss at the hairline, it is possible to regrow hair with the use of medications or surgeries.


Your doctor might suggest that you try the medication minoxidil, which is sold under the brand name Rogaine and is available without a prescription. Minoxidil is a liquid or foam that comes in different strengths. It is rubbed into the scalp twice a day, and the new hair that grows in may be thinner and shorter than the rest of your hair. Results may take as long as 12 weeks, and minoxidil must be used continuously for results.

If it is appropriate for your situation, your doctor might prescribe you the medication finasteride. Finasteride is a prescription pill that is taken once a day. It can boost hair growth in the frontal area at the hairline. It works by preventing testosterone from converting into dihydrotesterone, the hormone that causes hair loss.


Additionally, you can talk to your doctor about surgeries to improve the hairline. Hair transplants are the most permanent option, and work by removing hair follicles from other areas and implanting them into the hairline. Flap surgery involves folding an area of skin with hair onto an area of bald skin, making a hairline that looks natural.

It is very important to see a certified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon for hair loss. You should also be sure to bring it to your doctor’s attention if you experience sudden hair loss, which can be a sign of a serious medical condition.

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