Yogurt & Bone Health in New Study

Posted On: 01-05-2018
Yogurt & Bone Health in New Study
According to a new study performed by a team of researchers at Trinity College, there is a direct link between yogurt consumption and improved bone health in older people. Dr. Eamon Laird, a research fellow at Trinity College and the study’s lead author, indicated that the findings were not entirely surprising. Yogurt has been known to be a source of nutrients that are beneficial for bone health.

To complete the study, which was published in Osteoporosis International, the participants filled out a questionnaire about their yogurt consumption. They rated their consumption levels: never, two to three times per week, and more than one serving a day. Women who consumed the most yogurt had about 3.1% to 3.9% higher hip and femoral neck bone mineral density levels than those who ate the least amount. Men had noticeable differences as well. In fact, researchers noted “reduced bone turnover” in those who ate the most yogurt.

The researchers also looked at risk factors that contribute to poor bone density, like levels of body mass index, physical activity levels, and alcohol and tobacco consumption. A group of 2,624 women and 1,290 men were assessed for physical function, and 1,057 women and 763 men were checked for bone mineral density.

Even after accounting for differences in risk factors, the researchers determined that for women, every additional serving of yogurt reduced the risk of osteoporosis by 39%. For men, the risk dropped by 52%.

Bone health in older patients is an important concern, due to the risk of developing osteopenia (poor bone density) and osteoporosis later. According to Dr. Laird, more research is needed on the intakes of yogurt for bone health.

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