Beyond Weight Loss: More Reasons to Consider Bariatric Surgery

Posted On: 01-18-2019
Beyond Weight Loss: More Reasons to Consider Bariatric Surgery
There are millions of Americans struggling with their weight across the country. For some of those suffering, losing weight would be much easier if they felt full after consuming a small, proportionate amount of food for each meal. This is the exact effect that bariatric surgery successfully produces for patients wanting to find an efficient way to lose the weight they have been struggling to lose. However, there are more reasons to get bariatric surgery beyond just losing weight.

Improvement Of Cardiovascular Health

When you lose weight, whether through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery, your risk of developing heart disease drops dramatically. The risk of having a stroke or peripheral heart disease will also go down. After having the surgery, your cholesterol and blood pressure levels will return to normal. This can improve your overall health.

Improve Sleep Apnea

Another issue that many overweight individuals deal with is sleep apnea. For those that are dependent on a CPAP machine to sleep, having bariatric surgery to lose a significant amount of weight oftentimes reduces or completely eliminates sleep apnea conditions.

Joint Pain Relief

When you carry around a lot of excess weight, your joints take on a lot of extra strain and misuse. Losing weight can take off that added pressure on your joints and let them heal. Many patients who are on pain medications for joint pain will get the added benefit of stopping use once they lose enough weight to ease the strain on their joints.

Relieve Depression

A lot of patients who are obese suffer from depression. This is often due to lack of self-esteem and the social stigma surrounding being very overweight. When you are carrying excess weight, it can be hard to physically and mentally enjoy the things you love. When you lose weight, you can feel better physically. Feeling better physically and being more active can help alleviate symptoms of depression in some patients.

Improve Fertility

A major drawback for women who are obese is difficulty getting pregnant. For patients who get bariatric surgery during their childbearing years, there is typically a significant improvement in fertility.

Overall Health Improvement

Losing a significant amount of weight through bariatric surgery can improve a vast number of other medical conditions such as gallbladder disease, metabolic syndrome and more. Bariatric surgery can be a great choice for improving your overall physical and mental health.

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